Not everybody’s going to want to switch sex after viewing the highly recommended Justine’s Red Letters, http://www.adultfyi.com/read.aspx?ID=16255, but they might consider a little Aloe Vera from handling this scalding disc.

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Directed by Shy Love and Erik Hunter, the Harlequin-ish Justine’s Red Letters has all the classy accoutrements you’d expect in a highly stylized porno love story and then some. Justine Jolie reads a series of letter written on red stationery and gets so worked up by the roaring fire she has no choice but to attack Jassie with dildos, caresses and the formidable lesbian leg lock.

But before we get to that, the bikini-clad Katie Morgan, in one of the amorous scenarios described to Justine, has tempted pool cleaner Scott Nails to the point where he’s willing to forego a life of super algaecide for a few minutes with her tanned nakedness. Thus prompts an intriguing scene with lean, highly activated muscle filling every inch of the TV screen with well-angled coverage delivering the goods. Morgan’s positively enthralling to gawk at as she goes into a catcher’s squat to suck off Nails. Remember, one finger for a fast ball; two for a curve. Scott tries every position known to man and Katie responds with a repetitive "fuck, fuck, fuck, yeah, fuck." Finally when Scott lifts her leg- similar to a dog marking territory on a fire hydrant- and rams it in, he blasts his load.

In their frenetically charged coupling, Taryn Thomas throws serious question as to why she wasn’t chosen Best New Starlet. Movie star gorgeous and sexy, Thomas and Talon commence with the type of passionate foreplay rarely witnessed in the average porn scene and build a tempo to hard charging and gripping, heart attack levels. The hump for your life qualities of this scene is exhausting to follow. And Talon, in a standing position, grips one of Thomas’ sexy thighs- similar to the way Scott nails grabs Morgan- and lets it fly.

As you might expect, Alex Sanders goes for the butt when he finds the beautiful Melissa Lauren on the business end of his cock. Once he fingers her ass, however, it’s all over, and their anal doggie hump is particularly acclaim worthy, as well, for its explosive camera angles. The same type of energy you saw in the Tory Lane- Vanessa Lane scene in Aurora Snow’s Dirty Dykes http://www.adultfyi.com/read.aspx?ID=15490 constitutes the rabid chemistry when Barrett Blade is added to the package. The ladies, both of whom take it in the ass, are all over Blade and the virulent chafing threatens to rub the tattoos clear off his skin. When Tory isn’t being fucked by Barrett, she’s sucking his balls and Vanessa, who’s equally imaginative, has her own cadre of tricks when her ass isn’t being occupied with cock.

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