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European Hotel Confessions from Torrid Entertainment

May 2, 2006– Porn Valley, California

Torrid Entertainment and Defiance Films announce the release of their 2nd hot and steamy european release from Penthouse Pet Kelle Marie, European Hotel Confessions. Ever wonder if that old rumor about if you use a black light in a hotel room you’ll see countless semen stains all over the bed sheets?

You have?

Well, now, thanks to European Hotel Confessions, not only will you know that it’s true but you’ll also know just who it was that soiled the sheets you’re sleeping on.

Feel better now? Good.

Torrid has gathered some of today’s hottest and dirtiest European sluts to share their deepest and darkest secret confessions with you, our loyal customers. But don’t expect to see any incest or bestiality scenarios here ‘cause we’ve passed on them and chose only reenact the confessions which cater to people who don’t suffer from deep-rooted sexual problems.

Trust us, it’s better for all of us this way. Anyway, dogs fucking whores is more of a Latin America thing, and we ain’t going there.

Where we are going, however, is Europe, and in our version of Europe you won’t see whores riding the expensive EuroRail ‘cause instead we’re showing Euro whores getting railed all day long for free!

European Hotel Confessions features director Kelle Marie’s sick vision of exactly what happens when European sluts shed their inhibitions and unleash a no-holes-barred barrage of sexual carnage worthy of every last drop from your tired ball sac. Anal, oral, interracial, facials, a lot of nasty stuff from these european beauties.

Including Jessica Florentino, Sandra, Salome, Stacy Silver and Sarah Twain, European Hotel Confessions promises to excite, delight and incite arousal from even the most vegetative-stated men.

Yeah, it’s that fucking good!

Get this hot european hit, which is guaranteed to fly off the shleves! European Hotel Confessions ships May 3rd and streets May 10th. To order, contact Anthony Simone at 818-577-4575, ext. 400, or via email at


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