Fayner Posts: Chillin’ (that’s right, I’m Black and can say "chillin’") the other night at Wicked director Michael Raven’s house. Some guy who looked exactly like Ron Jeremy showed up.

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But it wasn’t Ron, as I found out through my superb detectiving.

The first thing that gave the imposter away was that when attacking the food table, this so-called Ron Jeremy ended up with a plate of salad while cheese, chicken and shrimp sat untouched by his hunger. Please!

Then later, when grabbing me one of his business cards, this fake Ron Jeremy pulled out money from his pocket. Sure, it was only $3, but everyone knows how cheap the real Ron Jeremy is and in no situation has the real Ron Jeremy ever left his apartment with anything more than nothing. That’s why he is so rich.

So this imposter Ron Jeremy has now been outed, and should watch his back if I ever see him again.

Ron Jeremy is my friend and this fake is ruining his reputation as a fried-food eating cheapskate by carrying money and eating lettuce.

Does anyone know who this fake is? Let me know at

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