Generate AI Porn

I have been reading your blog faithfully for about a year, and while I started to read it because I would love to blow my wad in TMFR I kept reading it because of all the inside of the porn world that really escapes most average guys notice. I think that there is a real audience for this sort of thing. Why not try and pitch some sort of documentary or weekly HBO or "Dog the Bounty Hunter" type tv show. Especially with so many people in your business into self aggrandizing I bet you could get some serious tape collected.

This combination is perfect….first a guy like you who is self depreciating and (seemingly) pretty real about your own situation as well as the way the porn world interacts with you. Second, you have access to some of the hottest porn chicks in the business…not just the crazy do-anything whores who are starting out but also the long term talent that has retired or become reclusive with longevity. Third, you are an entertaining narrator, I actually like your blogs and meanderings…the only advice I’d offer is to lay off the self pity just a bit….but what the hell it all works.

Thanks for the writing. I hope you keep it up and please if you do take requests, post more of the candid pictures you sometimes take while just out on the town with these sluts…(Take a small vid cam and see if the idea works)



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