Generate AI Porn

Even through the drug fog I can tell you are an intelligent person.  Yet, you keep promoting Rob Rotten.  He has a swastika on both legs and you don’t say shit.  What the fuck? I know it was supposed to be an asterisk for the red hot chili peppers but it was too much pain to finish.

Speak up or stop mentioning you are are a jew you faker,


Fayner Says: Listen, I’m an American Jew before I’m a Jew. In America we tolerate other’s opinions. And although I was not aware of Rob’s swastika tattoos as I try not to look at men naked, Rob is a stand up guy in my book and has never treated me like a lesser species.

There was that one time Rob did try and push me into a giant oven, but I forgive him for that. Can’t you????

And furthermore, people have and will hate the Jews until we are all gone. And once we’re gone there will be no one to do the accounting and lawyering and doctoring.

Does Rob wanna comment on this perhaps?

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