Fayner Posts: Got a call from Harry L. Weiss (the "L" stands for Lollipop) yesterday, gave his condolences for my timely death. Also, he called to tell me to tell Taylor and Keith that he phoned both of them a few times while back East and standing in line at a Dunkin’ Donuts to see what they wanted.

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All I remember is Taylor sitting on the sofa too stoned to even move and her phone ringing.

"Fuckin’ Harry!" she yelled as she melted back into the sofa and not answering the phone. This happened at least two times. But to be fair when her mother calls she also says, "Fuckin’ Mom!"

"Well," Harry tells me. "They fucked up. No donuts. Hope Krispy Kreme does the trick!"

"I really doubt it does."

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