Not Fayner Posts: I got this email just now and though I’d share it with you all. Here it is…
I’m a producer @ Springer and looking for Adult Models or Actresses with stories.
I’m willing to talk to any of the Girls who are interested, but specifically looking for:
*Someone new to the biz – who still needs to reveal what they do to a loved one
*Someone in their family who doesn’t like what they’re doing
*A client or fan who has feelings for them (as in crush/love – NOT just "as a friend") 
Must be willing to go semi-nude on show – NO FIGHTING – stories must be REAL.
All guests for the show receive free RT airfare to Chicago, free hotel, meals, – some $$ compensation. Can put up a website address BUT ONLY IF there is no nudity or you have to pay to get to the nude content…so they can get a little exposure that way as well….
This is a great for a new Girl – or someone who wants a little more PR
I would like to also follow up with a call – Anyone who is interested can reach me @ the number below. What’s the best # and time to reach you?
Thank you in advance, 
Annette Grundy
Jerry Springer
312-321-5358  or TOLL FREE: 888-321-5358

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