Brazil’s World Cup secret: plenty of sex


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Brazilian coach Carlos Alberto Parreira wants his team to play with a smile on their faces at this year’s football World Cup, so he has ruled out imposing a sex ban.

While Parreira’s predecessor Luis Felipe Scolari ran a famously strict regime during the 2002 finals, a more relaxed mood will prevail in Germany, and that includes as much sex as his players want.

"I don’t think that sex one day before the game will have any harm on the player. Just sex, no problem," Parreira told Maxim magazine.

"The problem is they don’t eat, they don’t sleep, they smoke and they drink. That is the problem. Sex? No, sex is always very good, always welcome."

Parreira also gave an insight into the methods his team uses to maintain spirit during tournaments.

Ronaldinho is a keen player of the samba drums and the world champions will be packing their instruments once again when they head to Germany.

"Psychologists say it is very important in the dressing room and coming from the hotel to the stadium that you do something with your hands, with your mouth," Parreira said.

"If you just sit there worrying, clutching your hands, that does not help. If you play something it helps relax. That is why we give them the drums and things.

"Since 1970 we have done this. We buy instruments for them and they play on the bus instead of saying, ‘Oh my God, we are going to play Germany or England in a World Cup game.’ That does not help."

Parreira also said there was no chance that Brazil would play more conservatively in Germany.

"We have to give a good impression and keep our style. We don’t have to change that because we are going to play a World Cup."

"We have to defend, as well, otherwise we go nowhere. But we can’t deny our roots – we play a happy game."

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