Officials seek perpetrator in rape of poodle
from the Associated Press

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PHOENIX A poodle is recovering today after its owner found her covered in feces and blood in the backyard of her northeast Phoenix home.

Arizona Humane Society spokeswoman Angela Stringfellow says the eight-pound, five-year-old toy poodle had been raped and sodomized by a human.

The dog went missing last night. Its owner, 43-year-old Mary Robertson, and her friends combed the area in search of the poodle.

Roberston says when they stopped searching, someone threw the dog into the backyard. The dog, named Sassy, ran into the home through the doggy door.

Stringfellow says there was severe tearing on the dog’s vulva and anus. She says Sassy will survive but will never be the same.

The Humane Society is offering a five-thousand-dollar reward for any information that leads to the arrest of whoever committed this heinous crime. Anyone with tips can call 480-WITNESS.

Phoenix police Sergeant Andy Hill says detectives are investigating the incident. He says the one or more culprits would face charges of animal cruelty. That’s a felony.

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