Brian Writes: Obviously she can do something about craiglist if she wanted to. They may have bought a photo but they don’t have the rights to her name and likeness to use as they please.If she’s serious about stopping it tell her to get a hold of me through Fayner at

Generate AI Porn

PS What kind of high can you get from Ocean Foam?

Fayner Says: One would think someone has a say over things like this, so hopefully if Tory did care enough about this to stop it she could. We suggest she seek assistance and  get that Russian hooker from making money off of her, ’cause Lord Knows if anyone is making money off a porn star it should be her husband.

As for the ocean foam being a good high, I can only suggest trying it and seeing. I’ve tested many many things for their potential highs and most of them suck, but ocean foam seems nasty enough to just work. I’m gonna head out to the beach today with the dogs and try it out. If I make it back alive I’ll let everyone know just how good or bad it is as a free high. OKay? 



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