Oscars and Emmys are nice, but definitely not necessary to bank the highest paychecks in Hollywood. Last year’s top earner made his mark playing a supersized elf.By Forbes

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Acclaim doesn’t always follow the money in showbiz.Certainly, the world’s highest-paid actors and actresses aren’t exactly wowing the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. None of them was even nominated for an acting Oscar this year. In fact, only four of them have ever won an Oscar.

But earn they do. In the course of a single year, these 20 stars pulled down some $460 million combined, according to Forbes’ annual listing of the


World’s Most Powerful Celebrities.Among this highly compensated group, Johnny Depp, who made $37 million, has come closest to winning the coveted 13.5-inch statuette in recent years. Last year, he was nominated for Best Actor for his performance in “Finding Neverland.” Close, but no statuette — the Oscar went to Jamie Foxx.
Depp had another chance this year, although not for Best Actor. Tim Burton’s “Corpse Bride,” for which Depp provided the voice of Victor Van Dort, was up for Best Animated Feature Film. But as in years past, Depp didn’t have much Oscar luck. In fact, despite a lengthy list of critically acclaimed performances, the 42-year-old star has yet to win an Oscar for his acting.

Another Hollywood Hunk, Tom Cruise, has nothing to show for his millions either — at least in terms of gold-plated statuettes. Despite earning $31 million in a single year, Cruise has just three nominations and no statuettes under his belt. At 43, the “War of the Worlds” star will try again with “Mission Impossible III,” which hits theaters later this year.

Better luck in television.



 The best-paid actors and actresses
Actor Age 2005 income Actor Age 2005 income
Jennifer Aniston 37 $18 million Nicole Kidman 38 $14.5 million
Drew Barrymore 31 $22 million Jennifer Lopez 36 $17 million
Sandra Bullock 41 $10.5 million Tobey Maguire 30 $32 million
Tom Cruise 43 $31 million Brad Pitt 42 $25 million
Matt Damon 35 $17 million Julia Roberts 38 $8 million
Johnny Depp 42 $37 million Ray Romano 48 $36.5 million
Cameron Diaz 33 $13 million Adam Sandler 39 $28 million
Will Ferrell 38 $40 million Will Smith 37 $35 million
Jennifer Garner 33 $14 million Denzel Washington 51 $30 million
Patricia Heaton 47 $9 million Naomi Watts 37 $11.5 million

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— By Lacey Rose, Forbes

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