Got a call from Tory Lane, she’s in Sacramento for a feature dance gig!!!

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Tory Lane: Hey what’s up!!!

Lukeford: Looking at pics of your day on the JM Productions shoot, Violation of Tory Lane!

Tory Lane: Ya, that was intense, I shot that yesterday, what a mindfuck! It was awesome! 

Lukeford: A memorable day?

Tory Lane: One of many

Lukeford: Name me another!

Tory Lane: The day I worked for Aurora Snow (Dirty Dykes from Defiance Films), I shot a lesbo scene with Vanessa Lane. The scene just started to build momemtum before the cameras started. We shot it in a bathroom and we just lost control and tore the bathroom and each other up. That was hot, and totally perverse!

Lukeford: That’s great, I was actually referring to your Craigs List posting as being available for Escorting, any memorable moments there?

Tory Lane: I have never been an escort and I don’t plan on it! I know a lot of the girls do, and I have no problem with that, but it’s not for me. I make enough money shooting scenes and now dancing, so I’m good.

Lukeford: Wow, what a disappointment!! Did you know about this Craigs List post claiming to be you?

Tory Lane: Fuck ya, I even called it! Some chick from Russia answsered and I’m like ‘This is the REAL Tory lane and you’re using my photos saying you’re me’, and she’s like ‘I buy photos so I use legally, go away’.

Lukeford: So what are you gonna do about it?

Tory Lane: There’s nothing I can do. I called the woman and she basically told me ‘oh well, pound sand’. I guess if someone calls the ‘ho and thinks they’re going to see me, they’ll be in for a huge surprise.

(at this point Tory is getting heated, you can hear her anger through the phone)

Lukeford: Safe to say you’re pissed?

Tory Lane: Pissed? Fuck ya, this piece of shit is using MY PHOTOS to try and make a quick buck! I have no problem making movies and studios using me to promote themselves, that’s what I get paid to do. But for this nobody to use my pictures and PRETEND to be me, fuck that!!

Lukeford: Vent baby, vent!

Tory Lane: Plus I just found out someones doinbg the same thing with Myspace. Now that I have an official website ( and it’s doing really well, I want to reach more people, so I was going to create a Myspace account and I found out someone already has it, same thing, using my name, my pictures and pretending to be me. 

Lukeford: I know, look at Taylor Rain, she has like 4 Myspace accounts but only one of them is actually her.

Tory Lane: Ya, I know!! I’m going to create a Myspace of my own, and people will know it’s me because I’ll use MY real email address and my website That’s the only official way to reach me!

Lukeford: You seem to be all business now, you’re over that personal drama from a few months ago!

Tory Lane: Absolutely. All business. The past is there, in the past! I’m back with Derek at LA Direct, I’m working all the time now and Derek’s getting me great bookings! Plus I started feature dancing and now I have my official website. Next I plan on directing. I met with Keith and Anthony from Defiance Films and we’re working on a multi picture directing deal. I’ve shot with them a lot, and I’ve learned a lot watching Mike Adams (Vincent Voss) shoot, I hope to have him as my camera guy in the beginning so he can help me! I’m not going into this blind. I want to be a real hands on director and to do that I need to learn from the people who have been doing it for years and Mike is the one I know the best!

Lukeford: You’re really passionate about this!

Tory Lane:Ya, I can’t wait. I have so many ideas. They have a good lineup of directors, Mike, Taylor Rain, Aurora Snow, Missy Monroe and Tyler Durden is gonna shoot for them now too. So I’m happy to get the opportunity.

Lukeford: You happy to be back with Derek.

Tory Lane: Yes, Derek is great. I made some mistakes and when I was ready to go back, Derek took me back and it was all good. He’s very professional and it was like I never left. I’m grateful!

Lukeford: How’s your dancing

Tory Lane: I’m having fun, it’s great! I get to meet people, my fans! I sign a ton of autographs, sell my movies, take pictures, it’s really cool!

Lukeford: And you’re happy with your website?

Tory Lane:Totally, I’m having a great time. I update it a lot. I’m shooting a ton of content for it, photo and video. I have a laptop with me so I answer all my fan mail! I’m psyched.

to be continued……… 

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