Teri Hatcher Talks About Her Sex Life in New Book

From: Star Pulse

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Teri HatcherTeri Hatcher knows exactly when she conceived daughter Emerson because she and former husband Jon Tenney only had sex once that year. The actress reveals some of her sexual history in new book "Burnt Toast" and admits that her disastrous nine-year marriage to actor Tenney was doomed in the bedroom.

The star reveals, "I know exactly when Emerson was conceived because we had sex once that year, on Valentine’s Day. From the beginning, our marriage was probably more defined by friendship."

But Hatcher, who has been romantically linked with her neighbor George Clooney of late, insists she wants her 40s for be defined by sex. She adds, "Now I want sex: trusting, deep, fabulous, open, wild, crazy, sex, with the same person, over and over." And she insists she doesn’t need to wed to achieve this, adding, "Without a marriage license."

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