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I better like the rain my name is Taylor Mutha Fuckin Rain! Duh!!!! I love the rain because they are lazy days! Chill by the fireplace and roast marshmalllows and watch movies and fuck and fuck more and more! Thats hot!!!!

There is a few more reasons why i love the rain!!!! Whenever it rains it means its dumping snow somewhere. Mountain high, big bear, mammoth, or tahoe!!! Havent been to Mammoth or Tahoe this season cuz i busted my knee. Its all good now! Im ready to fuckin ride!!!!

Another reason for liking the rain is, people suck at driving and its fun for me to drive in the rain. Its like an obstacle course. Dodging stupid fucks on the fuckin road!!! Ya you can say i have a little road rage in me!!! Holler! Late



I think you guys know I busted my knee but it’s all better so I’m going boarding! Fuck it! I should give it a week or more. I miss riding!

I heard it was dumping in Mammoth. Go check it out. I am going to leave Tuesday night and ride on Wed!!! Wish me good luck!!!



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