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Yesterday i went to the hospital. Dont worry nothin happened to me!!!! If you care!! Couple days ago, got a call from my stoner mother Phone conversation:

TR: whats wrong mom? Mom: tyler (my brother) is in the hospital for a bad sinus infection!!!! Hes been in the there since saturday and there keeping him til saturday!!!

TR: oh my god!!!!!! What do you want me to do? Mom: come to oc. I need some weed anyways!!!

TR: sweet!!!! I need to go put a depoist on my new dog!!! Mom: oh what kind of dog???

TR: blue nose pit bull Mom: another pit bull????????????????? Pit bulls are dangerous!!! You never know if the are going to attack!!!

TR: mom you are just trippin and being a mother!!!! I need another dog for bandit. He gets bored now!!! Mom: i guess!!!!

TR: so i will see you tomorrow at the hospital!!! Mom: yes and bring me weed!!!

TR: chill baller i always have weed on deck!!!! Mom: bye!!! I love you!!!!!

TR: bye! Love you too!!! Next afternoon get to OC:

Scott Fayner and i and also 3 doggies rolled out to oc!!!  Traffic traffic traffic!!! No matter what time you leave you get stuck in traffic!!!! Good thing i rolled five joints the night before! Anyways went to lunch with my sister in irvine becuase she has a “normal job”! Whatever that means? Then went to my moms house and told her to meet us there and i will get her high!! We get fuckin baked! And roll out again! “taylor you drive im too high right now ” mom says!!!!

Perfect valet at the hospital!! Scott says “mom she always has to valet becuase she thinks shes a rockstar!!!” Go into tylers rooom and mom warns me that he has a roomate now so be very quiet!!!! K mom whatever! Tyler was so bored you can tell and he kept saying how bored he was!!! I asked “why” becuase they stopped giving me morphine today because they are releasing me in a couple days! That sucks! Well how do you feel? Better i can open up one eye today! Sweet! Can i get you anything in the cafateria??? I have the munchies!!! Tyler says ” i wish i had the munchies”! Mom says “taylor shhhhh”!

Scott and i go downstairs and get a bunch of munchies! Cafterias have defintely improved over the years!!! Holler 420! Tyler kept complaining that he was bored but they have really good lemonade here!!! He pushed the button for the nurse to come in and give him drugs because he was in pain. Scott and they nurse didnt really hit it off!!! Scott says to the nurse ” give the kid some morphine he is in pain and bored” nurse says ” im not giving a 16 year old morphine when he looks totally fine”! I laughed!

Anyways, 420 rolled around real quick so we all left on 420! My brother knew we were leaving him because it was 420! Hes so smart! After that went to see my new pit bull!!!! She is so fuckin cute! Her name is smokey! Like remember smokey and the bandit! Im so smart! Put a depiost down and i get her when she is 10 weeks old because i am clipping her ears!!!!!!! Shes 8 weeks now! Im so excited!!!

Then went to dinner on pch to bj’s pizza and rolled out of oc! Going 90MPH the whole way then get to woodman on the 101 huge accident!!! Figures! La sucks balls! And that was my day!!!! Peace out!


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