LISA ANN COMMENTS OFF THE MARK had a great interview with Dakota Cameron yesterday where Dakota obviously has some major issues with Lisa Ann.

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I’ve known Lisa Ann since she was a Metro/Cal Vista contract performer. The comments made by Dakota are way off base. Lisa Ann has no insecurities, she has no ‘jealousy’ issues, she’s not envious of anyone and she’s not catty.

She was and always will be a contract star! She was a ‘Contract Girl’ when that term actually meant something. The girl made a boatload of money and here’s a great note… SHE SAVED HER MONEY AND INVESTED IT WISELY.

Dirct Models owner Derek Hay made a wise move bringing Lisa Ann in, because she’s someone the girls can look up to, she’s someone the girls can and should respect because she’s been to the TOP of this business, plus she follows Derek’s philosophy about the girls being on point, because back in the day you HAD to be on point! Lisa doesn’t talk bullshit out of her ass, she talks from experience.

Bottom line, Lisa Ann is a standup person, she’s all business, she’s seen everything in this business, she’s professional and respectful! Girls at Direct can learn from her!

I don’t know Dakota, but she’s a beautiful girl who does great scenes! So, Dakota… instead of looking at Lisa as an antagonist or an obstacle… look at her as an asset that can help your career. You paid Derek a lot of compliments, which are all true, Derek will make you a ton of money and he’s the best at what he does. But Lisa Ann is just like Derek, follow her, listen to her, work with her and she’ll help you make a lot of money!

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