Fayner Posts: ZT schlub Travis Nestor called me up today and asked if I would be his Valentines Day Whore. I declined politely, then asked him why he is so gay. He quickly changed the subject.

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“Put up something about how we’re looking for Valentines Day Whores to take out!”



“Okay,” I told Travis, not sure just what this entails.

Therefore, we are currently taking applications from whores who wish to spend the evening with us as Valentines Day Whores. We’ll get all dressed up and go out to some super expensive eatery, drink and dine on endangered species and then dine-and-ditch. Next stop may or may not be a dimly-lit park where the chicks will suck cocks until we’ve decided they’ve had enough. Then we’ll leave them to fend for themselves.

Any takers? It’s a golden opportunity to get some free food and free press.

If I wasn’t a dude I’d volunteer.

Call us on the Valentines Day Whore Hotline 323 397 2890

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