The General Manager of Vertigo quit today because he was simply pissed off at having his checks bounce and bounce and bounce.

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Mike Barbella quit today as GM for Vertigo out of frustration and a lack of trust.

Seems Barbella’s last three paychecks checks bounced.

Barbella was also frustrated at being pushed out of deals he brought into the company.

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Somethinjg shady’s going on over at Caballero with Tomer!!! Vertigo bounces checks on over 4 titles and now they close it down and come back with Zero Degree, a complete insult to Greg Alves and Joseph Wilson. Alves and Wilson have formed 2 of the top companies in the business and now these zipperheads at Caballero who can’t pay their bills or come with anything creative or original of their own… so just try and rip off Zero Tolerance and 3rd Degree and see if they can get some play from that.

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