What the fuck!!!!! So I start up my nice new Apple 17′ Notebook computer this morning to start doing some updates to my website and also to Lukeford.com. I open Microsoft Office for MAC and I get 300 error messages in a row when I try to open Word.

Generate AI Porn

So i started hittin buttons and more buttons. I heard some dings and beeps but nuthin happened at all. Then I hit HELP and fuck that no help at all, just a lot of bullshit mumbo jumbo.

I look at the manual, wow i never looked at one of them before, and  found some 800 number for support.

I called the number, got put on hold for 40 minutes and then some fucking beaner answered and I swear I didn’t understand one word he said. He sounded like he was in a bathroom. Add the horrible sound quality and bathroom echo to the fact that guy had the heaviest accent i’ve ever heard and you can tell what kind of help i got, tech support? Bullshit, the only words I kept repeating were “WHAT NOW?”

So after 10 minutes on the phone, i absolutely made out less than 7 words the guy had to say, one was “mikrozoft”.

Fuck this, anyone know how to fix Microsoft Office? Hit me up?


Mom, little did you know it, but your Microsoft Tech Support Consultant this morning was none other than the current Employee of the Month. As to why the clarity of the call and the accent were so difficult, perhaps this picture of Raffe will help clear that up.

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