Generate AI Porn

Dick Delaware Sends this: my cell phone is at my brothers house I have news that took place at AIM yesterday with D WISE(black talent) and myself. I saw This pimp looking guy with a DW gold chain and I realized he was the guy that was fucking my girlfriend Layla Rivera and showing up at parties with her while her and I were going out and having problems. I confronted him and he pleaded with me and insisted that I had the wrong guy and that he didnt know who she is. He was scared and would not leave AIM beacease I told him I will C U outside and I waited 4 hiz ass outside and parked down the street to wait for him to exit AIM. He and all the employees at aim were looking for me and he never left AIM so finally left as I couldnt beat him down at AIM in front of all those witnesses. D WISE is a Pimp a Liar and a coward!!!he should be careful whoz girlfriend he fucks and takes to a PORNO party. He was seen by Brian and confirmed by Scott Lyons to have been at more than one of thier parties with Layla during that time. HE FINALLY GOT PUNKED YESTERDAY!! ihope u can print that-aaron/dick

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