MACOMB – Adult film star Ron Jeremy turned articulate storyteller Monday night as he spoke about his life and career to a packed house of Western Illinois University students.

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More than 1,000 WIU students lined up well over one hour before the performance to hear Jeremy talk about his new film career and his making of hundreds of adult films.

Jeremy was originally scheduled to be at WIU several months ago but was forced to cancel because filming on his latest movie went over schedule.

Before the show, Jeremy said he likes speaking to college students, with many of his shows consisting of debates with anti-pornography spokeswoman Susan G. Cole.

“We’re friends, but on stage we’re brutal to each other,” he said.

Jeremy said most college-age students associate him more with recent appearances in mainstream films and the VH-1 network show “The Surreal Life,” instead of seeing him as an adult film star.

“They know me from other places,” he said. “The younger folks get to know you not from porn.”

On Monday night Jeremy launched into a raunchy 20-minute comedy routine about his career before settling down to talk with students about the laws involving pornography and his life before adult films. Students gave him a screaming standing ovation as he took to the stage.

Jeremy said he has bachelor’s degrees in education and theater with a master’s degree in special education. He taught mentally handicapped children for one year before entering the adult film industry.

He then decided to pursue theater as a career, starting off working “off, off Broadway.”

Jeremy said he was a starving actor before he started making adult films. Since then he has made several appearances in more mainstream films but said it’s difficult to get serious roles in family-oriented media.

“I get a lot of roles, but not a lot of reoccurring roles,” he said. “You won’t see (adult film actors) selling toothpaste.”

After Monday’s appearance, Jeremy stayed around to sign autographs and have his picture taken with students.

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