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The 19-year-old Lexie Marie joined Vivid in late 2004 after just a few months in the industry. Reasons for the company’s actions were unclear and her agent, Derek Hay, would not speak on the matter.

“I know why this happened, but I’d rather talk about the fact that this is a chance to explore other opportunities that are out there,” he said, adding that he’s already fielding offers for her.

“She’s just 19 and she’s a very attractive and intelligent girl that people really like,” he said.

and now this commentary………….

BOTTOM LINE.. Lexi has a drug problem and everyone knows about it, it was bad to the point where she was forbidden from a Jenna Jameson shoot. Vivid wanted to help her, they wanted to keep her. They told Hay some time ago, “get her the help she needs, get her straight and into shape or she’s out” … Hay then attempted to get Lexi to live with Lisa Ann. As the story goes, Lisa refused and was summarily dismissed by Derek.

ADVICE TO DEREK… your “we’re exploring other opportunities” comment just reaffirms your a fucking cowardly, selfish prick who injects your penis to get wood and doesn’t give a fuck about anyone but yourself!!! If you have any fucking nut sack at all, then stop thinking about your next house purchase, your next payment for your used car “Hey Jenaveve, let me drive over to September’s house and pick you up in the Astin“. You’re a PIMP, with no skills to do anything except point a girl to a location, her do all the work and then you DOUBLE DIP by taking 15% from the girl AND take a fee from the producer. INSTEAD of pimpin Lexi out NOW, why not let the girl get some help, hey here’s a thought, why not get involved and see if YOU as her pimp can intervene and get her some help. Come on, you’ve made thousands off her (and all the others). When she signed her contract, Vivid wrote you a fat “commission check”. You got your money already.

And by helping her, I don’t mean…. “Lexi, would you like to make some good, easy money? Let me take you to lunch and introduce you to the woman who use to run Nici’s Girls and now runs Bellas Models, we’re good friends, I introduce her to only my special girls, you can do really well.” THAT’S not the help I’m referring to. You’re a licensed and bonded agent Derek, introducing ANYONE to this “Madam” will get your license revoked immediately… watch your step!

That last statement, “explore other opportunities that are out there” brought me to my boiling point!! You’re a pimp and a pretty good one, but when you make statements like that, especially now considering EVERYONE in this business knows Lexi has a problem and needs help, shows you to be a fucking lowlife. Let her get her life straight, let her get help.. don’t try to ignore her problem as a means of stuffing your pockets. If anything happens to this girl or any of your girls because you push and push and push, there will be a line of husbands, boyfriends, mothers, fathers, friends, internet gossip writers and more… standing at your door one day to beat the fuck out of your cowardly ass.

Call September from Exotic Star and take some lessons on how to treat your girls. Remember something Derek boy, you make your living off of them not the other way around. One day all this nonsense will catch up to you. YOU need these girls more than they need you. Red Light, Anabolic, Wicked, Vivid, if you die tomorrow they won’t stop any productions, they’ll just overwrite your number in their speed dial with someone elses. Call Spiegler and take some lessons, his girls don’t fear him they respect him and they ALL make good money. PERHAPS it should have been you in the AVN skit and not Spiegler… you would have fit in well as St Croixs gay lover!!!

Do the right thing, Lexi doesn’t need commission paying jobs right now… Lexi needs the support of her friends and she needs help! Either help her, or get the fuck out of the way and let the people who truly care about her help her. Get in the way and prevent her from getting true help, and watch this industry turn on you SO fast you’ll feel like Kurt Lockwood just entered you from behind and didn’t even leave flowers on your nightstand in the morning!!

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