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Anna Malle

Anna Malle broke into adult through amateur work for Tim Lake’s Homegrown Video. An appearance at an adult video trade show led her to the “big leagues where she more than lives up to her name as a sexually demanding and always orgasmic fuck,” says AFW editor Jeremy Stone. “We fell madly for her in The Gangbang Girl 14 where she turns from a bookish babe to a ball-draining bimbo who thirsts for cum and drinks plenty of it real deep. She also stars in Anal Torture and Fantasy Chamber. Anna is a nymphomaniacal sex performer, driven by the need to fuck and suck and be watched doing it.”

The tall brunette stands 5’7, and weighs 115 pounds. She measures 34D-24-36. Her ethnicity is German, Cherokee and Irish. Malle features a couple of tattoos: One of a rose in a cloud on her left breast and another rose bush near her pubic hair. She names Nina Hartley as her mentor.

Anna met her husband Hank Armstrong in Florida. “We were together there for about a year…in an open relationship.

“When we are home there are several couples that we like to play with. We live in Vegas and commute to LA to do porn. I dance regularly in Vegas.

“What’s a camera? When you’re a swinger you are used to fucking in front of other people. We could fuck in front of you right here.” (AFW)

The Hitchhiker 5: The Traffic Jam features Malle, “a dark-haired stunner who takes choad like a champ. With Max Hardcore holding her head back, he gets off a nice preliminary pop, all over her face, enough to sate most ordinary men. But Max isn’t your average Joe, and follows that up a few moments later with a bigger splooge shot that drenches the gleeful Malle. She revels under his mighty outpourings and winds up a real sight in white.” (HEVG)

“Anna Malle is the madwoman on porn,” says Jeremy Stone. “She loves being fucked, loves eating pussy and takes it in the ass with vigor… She’s one of the nastiest of the new breed of bitch in heat and when she cums, her eyes roll back in her head and she screams her pleasure out for the world to see and hear. We caught up with her on the set of Diva, the new Michael Ninn production for VCA Platinum Plus. Anna was only too eager to open her box and let us peek into the pink.” (AFW)

Max Hardcore remembers performing with Anna. “I fucked her on top of a five story parking garage on Broadway in downtown Los Angeles one Saturday afternoon. She would do anything. But now she won’t talk to me and I don’t know why?” (Swank’s Video World)

The brunette now scorns Max because she believes that he abuses women.

Born (September 14) and raised in Iowa, Malle had little luck with her first few relationships. “I wasn’t allowed to express myself sexually. The men in the past were selfish, insecure, and jealous, of me because of my nature. This is a real turn off to me! I have since moved on and have danced exotically for seven years. Yes, I am bisexual and enjoy both men and women. I do care about cleanliness and sexually-transmitted diseases. I obviously enjoy anal intercourse. Other turn-offs are self-centeredness, jealousy, close mindedness, unkept personal hygiene. Turn-ons are many: nicely dressed, well groomed people, confidence, sensitivity, attentiveness, truthfulness, caring, and a sense of humor.” (From Anna’s internet site)

“Anna Malle – she’s just getting too old,” writes Max Volume on RAME, “I am afraid, and without heavy makeup (which I hate) to cover up those pot marks on her face (and, she has a weird chin), I am not fond of her anymore. She was nasty right from the start (sex wise), but she never progressed… I never hear of her getting fisted or doing pee scenes. She’s a formula porn star. And, ever since I heard her say one time in the background of a vid that she prefers her pussy hairy… Yuck!”

AFW disagrees. Anna stars in Tom Byron’s Cumback Pussy 3. “Malle is at her gutter talking, sweaty fucking bst; she’s a slut bitch goddess, an X-rated version of Vampira, or those women who to rule the universe in 1950s science fictions movies; her face and sexual contortions it goes through, blow me away. It’s really a waste of spectacular pussy to fuck her in the ass, no matter how much she likes it.”

Write to AFW at 8060 Melrose Ave, LA, CA 90046. (213-653-8060)

AVN = 6700 Valjean Avenue, Van Nuys, CA 91406… 800-521-2474

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Review: Anna Malle In Kansas City – Chapter 4


“The Porn Gods Are Smiling Down Upon Me”

… epilog to the travelogue…

I get into my car, I notice some average lookin’ girlies parking their cars and walking into the club. These are the night shift dancers, another mystery of the universe I contemplate is how “average” these girls look on the outside, yet when they get slutted-up in the club, they appear to be goddesses… oh well….

I pull out of the parking lot and figure out my next move. Its Thursday, and I have not seen Alexis, I believe for nearly 3 weeks now. Alexis is a Midori/Monique replica who works at the Attic Lounge a sleazy dive of a club, which has upgraded its decor this year. The sad thing is they made the place darker, no lapps were ever offered here, but the girls come around TO YOU and dance in front and aside you. Contact is not allowed, however, many of the girls know how to “skirt the rules”.

I take the scenic route to the club (i.e., observe the street-walkers) and as I pull up over a bridge, my eagle vision sees a motorcycle cop who is waiting at the bottom of the bridge. I am his… Instinctively, as I see him, I gingerly but swiftly slow down, I see the red light and pull over. I have Anna’s Witches Are Bitches boxcover in a bag on the front seat, along with the two polaroids which are turned over. I hand my license to the leathered-up cop as he tells me I was going 50mph in a 35 zone. I apologize, and hope a Rodney Kinging isn’t in order. If he was a SHE I probably would have liked that…. 🙂 He asked me if I had a radar detector, I said no (how could I figure out how to use a radar detector when the automatic coffee pot in my office is flashing the wrong time because I can’t figure out or am too lazy to figure out how to make it work), then he said that I must have an “eagle eye”, I nodded lamely affirmative,,,,,,, yes, I can track danger and pussy miles away… 🙂

The Porn Gods Are Smiling Down Upon Me, and the cop says, “As much as I’d like to give you a ticket, you did slow down when you saw me, so I’m going to let you go”. I was stunned, this is the first time in my life “da heat” had ever given me a break. I didn’t have to give the cop a blowjob or nothin’! Feeling frisky, I gently pulled away, making sure I dotted my i’s and crossed my t’s. I pulled into the parking lot of Erotic City, a mainstay of sleaze on Kansas City’s east side. Needing to relieve my bladder of OJ, I ran the gauntlet of the gay cruisers downstairs in the video arcade area. One sorta feels how wimmenz are ooggled by us pervs, when one runs the gay gauntlet at this place, its surprising though, whenever a dancer from upstairs goes downstairs, the boyz part like the “waves of the Red Sea”….

Relieved, (keep your mind out of the gutter, and give me a break!), I went upstairs, and there,,,, there, Alexis, a 5’7″ long lost twin of Midori was walking, in a long white shirt, white undies, clear platform heels, white wide brim hat, and those “max hardcore white anklets”…. I sat down, and soon she was ON me like yoke-to-an-egg.

She asked what I had been up to…. A loaded question. I told her of my cop incident, and then I showed her my pictures of Anna and my time at Bazooka’s. She told me she had worked there for a week, then left, she said the management sucked. She said Anna was a good looking girl.

I asked if I could ever get pictures of her “that way”, she just :):) :)’d….. Her time to dance, I had some $2 bills left, and I tipped her copiously. After her dance she came over to me, sat down real, real close, smiled and told me how “sweet” it was of me to tip the $2 bills, she said she was a “collector” of them….. I drifted into more pathetic loser small talk with her, occasionally cataloging in my mind, my highly acclaimed gonzo flick I’d die to make with her….. 🙂

We are joined by a range-fed-natural-version of “Julie Rage”. The blond, voluptuous dancer of the stage, is dancing to AC/DC’s “She’s Got The Jack”. “Julie” asks Alexis and I, if we knew what the song meant. To me AC/DC are lame shits, any band member who wears shorts on stage, other than lets say Sheryl Crow, should be shot, but I digress.

Julie says in Australian, “Jack” means the “clapp”. Alexis thanks Julie coyly for passing on this bit of knowledge and says, “I learn something new everyday here”….. Ms. blond voluptuous who occasionally dances in her glasses, comes over to me and I slide a few singles up between her perfect, upturned 34C’s. I whisper to her, that afterwards she needs to consult “Julie” on her song selection… 🙂

It’s Alexis’ turn up to bat, blonde voluptuous, in her sexy glasses is nuzzled up next to me. Alexis start to slow dance on stage, I mean really slowwwwwwwww. Blond voluptuous whispers in my ear, “She has such a heavenly body, I just adore watching her”….. My heart stops, my tiny mind starts racing, I envision the two “tangled up in blue” in a gonzo scene, “ebony and ivory”, here in the club. I whisper back, “You know, WE need to tag-team her!”, I got an evil smile in return…..

Its time for me to turn into a pumpkin, right when some g/g is about to happen, but I gotta get home or the warden will cancel my work-release program. Alexis comes by one last time, she rubs with her leg my xxxtreme upper thigh, generating electricity, then she bends over, presents her ass to my face and slowly, very slowly works her cheeks. She parts her dark pussy and I see wet pink, she has constant eye contact with me all along, what a sweetheart! I slide my tip between her pointy 34B’s, tell her I have to turn into a pumpkin, she gives me a gentle range-fed kiss and drifts off. I tell smiling blond voluptuous next to me I need to leave, and to “work on setting up that tag-team-match”……..I leave, fire up the starship, turn on the raaadio, and listen to John ThoroughGood lament about his “land lady coming by to collect the rent, him leaving, taking with him only his John Lee Hooker record collection, going to a bar, and ordering… bourbon, one scotch, one beer!…. 🙂

…. Later that evening, I give Anna a call. The hotel info which Roadie had written down, I dialed, and found out, there was no such room number, and when I gave them her “name”, there was no-one registered as such, my heart sank… Then the helpful sweetie on the other end said maybe the person was staying at their “downtown location”. I called over there, gave the room number, and the sweetheart on the phone said, we have no such room, she asked who I was looking for, I gave the name Anna Malle, and she put me through to her room. I got voice mail, and left my information where I could be reached.

The next day at work, Friday, at 10:30am I still had not heard from Anna. I figured she was to be onstage within two hours and she should be “up” by now, so I dialed her from work (like I figured, *I* had been “up” for 5 1/2 hours, she should be up by now as well… :).

Again, the hotel operator passed me through to her room. After about the 4th ring, I hear this sexy, xxxtremely groggy voice say, “helloooo”. It was Anna and I had waked her up. I apologized for this.

She started coming in clearer now, still a bit spacey, and told me she had gotten in about 1am, after going to the grocery store. Since I am lame, I didn’t follow up in “Luke manner”, and ask her what she purchased…. 🙂 She told me she got my voice mail from the evening, had written down the info, and would call me back after she had her coffee, shower, etc., I told her that was a deal, and waited for her call……

Well, she never did call.

Why I don’t know, maybe she was peeved that I had called and woken her up. Maybe she got “side-tracked” and lost track of space and time.

Maybe she just wanted to be left alone…… We will never know. And to think, I had my “interview” down pat.

If she would have granted me an “interview” I would have started “Luke-style” with, “have you ever had sex with a transsexual”… then followed up with….”have you ever had sex with a man, dressed up in woman’s clothing”….

( xxxtreme smile at Luke’s expense, sorry Luke, we actually do “appreciate you!”…. )

When Saturday rolled around I thought about going to her noon show, and talk to her again, figuring she had 4 hours free before her next show in the evening, and maybe she could “squeeze me in”, however, I was feeling a “lil blue” about the situation and didn’t want to appear to be more of a pathetic loser than I already was, and like, hey, I had already expressed my interest to her on 4-5 previous occasions….

In summary, as I see it,,,,,without wimmenz and bluesy situations like this, there would be no “material” for the likes of John Lee Hooker, Stevie Ray Vaughn, and yes, even Melissa Ethridge…, to sing about……

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