Adult film star and porn empire queen Jenna Jameson is set to host a pre Super Bowl party in Detroit. The game matches the Seattle Seahawks against the Pittsburgh Steelers. So will the well endowed performer turn Super Bowl XL into a wardrobe malfunction XXX party?

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Not quite.

Jenna says she will bring some of her Club Jenna stars to the Motor City’s Zoo Bar on Friday Feb. 3, but they won’t be naked.

But she does promise some lingerie and a sexy show.

“That’s not what it’s really about,” Jameson said of partying naked. “I just accept myself and I think a lot of women out there kind of relate to me. Everybody is sexual; I just happen to be really honest about it.”

Tickets are a stunning $500 and the pre-game party will offer party goers a chance to meet the adult film stars and a lingerie fashion show, open bar and autograph sessions with the girls.

Best guess – the bar will have plenty of activity and traffic.

One note: Super Bowl XXX was actually played in Phoenix in 1995 with Dallas defeating Pittsburgh 27-17.

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