Generate AI Porn

Fayner Posts: I’ve decided to write some nice things about Craven ’cause he’s a good person. Sure, he puts guns to his animals’ heads as publicity photos, but he’s worked hard and paid his dues and knows how to party with the best of them.

I saw this movie cover in the latest AVN and thought how great and dirty Brit looks. Plus he got Danzig to join the soundtrack and that is cooler than not getting Danzig on the soundtrack.

Check out the new web site for the flick. It’s fucking cool.

So cool in fact that we are overlooking how at the NAMM show when I ran into an old friend who happens to love porno and I asked Craven for one of the DVDs he had brought for a no-show Shavo of SOAD and he said that he gave them to Poision’s Rikki Rockitt.

The Movie’s site is

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