Fayner Posts: Travis Nestor over at Zero Tolerance makes me laugh. Sometimes outloud, even. An example, you require? Fine. Whatever. So be it.

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Feeling in a rut, Travis visited a psychic. Hogwash if you ask me, but no one ever does.

I talked to Travis two hours later.

“It really helped,” he said. “She told me to quit doing drugs. I did.It just feels right.”

“This morning?”


I saw Travis an hour after that.

“You still straight?” I asked.


“But you look stoned right now,” I replied.

“Weeelllll,” he began, “I got high with Tyler before I came over here, but that is it.”



“You know it is Sunday night, right? The Simpsons, Family Guy…”

“Damn!” Travis shouted. “I guess I can get high like right before The Simpsons, but that is it!”



We smoked probably ten bowls in the next two hours.

And the next day Travis was burnt all day. And the same on the day following that.

Travis has been fucked up ever since he quit doing drugs that day.

I mentioned it to him yesterday.

“Yeah,” he exclaimed, “I really thought that one through, didn’t I? How long did I last? A day?”

“Try two hours!”

“God,” Travis pointed out. “I sure am a dumbass sometimes, ain’t I?”

“You sure are.”

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