Holla 420!!!!

Generate AI Porn

Saturday morning, TMFR rolls out of bed around 10AM, she notices it’s shitty outside. She first heads downstairs to make a pot of coffee and then she thinks to herself, “Damn it, did I leave the sunroof open in the Escalade, I wonder if if it got wet inside?” DUH!!!!!

She runs outside to inspect her Escalade, complete with $5,000 worth of new wiring for her new sound system, DVD player, IPOD integration, subwoofer and amp, etc. OH YA, left the sunroof wide open!!!!

Next step, towels, leather cleaner, hair drier! Guess what though, SHE LEFT THE SUNROOF OPEN!!! TMFR spent 3 hours cleaning, drying, wiping and after 3 hours she declared the truck ready to ride. As she sat in the seat and started the engine, she complained that her ass was getting wet!

As she pulled out of the driveway she was heard to declaure, “This is a clatastripie”.

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