Taylor here getting ready to go see some friends at a club with Nate… so I wanted to give you guys an update.

Generate AI Porn

Fayner was banned, he knows too much dirt on Ramone and Fishbein and he’s too honest, honesty and integraty don’t mix with AVN well.

The awards were great, I was so HAPPY for Savannah Sampson… she was so beautiful and I adore her soo much!! And Tory Lane was really hot on stage, I loved her dress. OH YA and Jessica Drake wore the most beautiful red dress. THANK YOU CIndy Crawford for helping me deal with the stress and nerves by walking with me and holing my hand down the red carpet. Thank you Kelly, Anthony, Asher and Norman for your hugs!!!!

I’m also happy for Randy Spears and Janine!!

Thanks to all my fans who lined my booth, thanks to all my friends in the business who stopped to say hi. I love you all.

To the winners of this yars AVN Awards, congratulations and i wish you all well !!

UPDATE: The insults I slung around towards Paul, Mike, Heidi and AVN were uncalled for. I had no right to make those insulting comments and I’m sorry if I offended anyone. I was very emotional Saturday night and got a lot of people riled up because of me being so upset, sorry everyone.

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