Over the next few weeks and months we’ll be paroosing the old Lukeford STAR archives to bring back some of the greatest moments/memories of the Lukeford website!!

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Today’s look inside the Lukeford archives turns up this 5’11 sultry, long legged, all natural vixen who graced box covers, gonzos and feature films from 1999/2001 Temptress, often compared to Brooke Shields… she came and went before we ever got to know her!

She’s had a troubled life, got into porn all gunh ho, got a contract from Wicked, got pregnant, had a baby girl, her life was good, she was shooting features and being portrayed as the next glamour girl of porn!!! Then one tragic night the father of her baby was killed in an automobile accident and Temptress was never the same. She then went traveled down a path filled with drugs and depression, finally leaving the business for good!

On a happier note, Temptress has remained a close friend to both myself and Dcypher from Deviant Culture X, and as recently as November of 2005 I spoke to Temptress and she sounded good and was very positive in her attitude that she would overcome her demons and beat her addiction. One day I hope to report on this site that Temptress is happy and healthy in her life and successful in whatever she does in life!

HERE IS A VISIT IN THE ARCHIVES OF TEMPTRESS, one of the most beautiful woman and sweeteat girls to ever enter the business.


Jim John writes: Hi Luke, Did you have occasion to read what Chandra Vega wrote about Temptress on I have to tell you that it all rings true. About a year ago I directed Temptress (real name Nita) and her girlfriend Malitia in a scene. Never in my life have I experienced such attitude! There wasn’t one person on my set that didn’t want to kill both of them. If the schedule hadn’t been so tight I definetly would have replaced them. On my set that day were a couple of directors who are very respected in this industry, both of whom conveyed to me that they had NEVER seen such prima donna behavior exhibited on a porn set (imagine that for a moment). I am certain neither of these men ever hired Temptress or Malitia for any of their subsequent projects – I sure as hell never did. I find it curious that these particular girls could be as pompous as they are since I could throw a stone in just about any trailer park and hit something more appealing than either of them. That was actually the first porn shoot I had ever done and had hired them sight unseen (big mistake!) through a mutual acquaintance (poor Jim South missed out on his cut). Try mentioning the names of Temptress or Malitia and the reaction you’ll get will probably be a whince. So the truth is out there – Chandra, you’re not alone.

Director James DiGiorgio writes: The Temptress/Malitia diatribe written by whoever JimJohn is doesn’t reflect the experiences I’ve had with either of these two performers; and I’ve worked with both of them a fair number of times. Temptress has been nothing but a professional to work with, as has Malitia. In fact, I was one of the first to shoot Temptress–a solo performance before she did full scenes–where she played a projectionist in my period-piece, campy, ode to Ed Wood, “Naked Lust,” for Sin City. Perhaps the reason why they might have behaved differently on JimJohn’s set might be found in JimJohn’s admission that it was “the first porn shoot I’ve ever done.” I’d be happy to privately tutor JimJohn in “Dealing With Porn Talent 101,” assuming he can afford me. By the way, I don’t know what the beef between Temptress and Chandra is all about, but I’ve also hired Chandra a number of times and she’s done some really great scenes. In fact, just hired her again the other day for a BJ tape for Legend, and her’s was the standout BJ of the tape, plus she was a lot of fun on the set.

From the February, 2001 issue of Talk magazine, Martin Amis writes:

My lunch with Temptress was a relatively sedate affair. At first I was reminded of the time I interviewed Penny Baker, a Playboy Playmate of the Year: Within a minute I had run out of questions. Temptress, like Penny, seemed to be inhibited by the presence of a company executive – in this case Steve Orenstein of Wicked Pictures, for which she is a contract player…

Physically Temptress reminded me of the daughters of my friends. She didn’t sound shy, but she looked it. With her long, straight hair frequently steered over her shoulders by her slow-moving hands, with her face unglazed by cosmetics, with her gently narrowed eyes, she exuded what Philip Larkin called the “strength and pain/Of being young.” I asked her about her history, and she told me something of it. And there was strength, and there was pain (and there was certainly youth: Temptress is 23).

“But I don’t want you to write about that. And could you not mention my real name?… I don’t have relationships anymore. They make life unstable. The only sex I have is the sex I have onscreen.”


Temptress Update

Yes, its me Temptress. Me and Wicked are taking a little break. I’m still in the business but right now IM just looking to-do mainly photo shoots unless there is a hot chick I haven’t had the pleasure of licking. I just thought Id ask you to let people know my fan club address and maybe let photographers know IM looking for a Photo shoot. Ive been taking a break and IM ready to get my face back out there. IM even considering Featuring. I just have to decide on an agent.


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