Hey fuckface Lukeford, I mean that wannabe fucking lowlife who left THIS site so he could try and do mainstream by selling a book of his ramblig and bumbling bullshit, but it turns out he sold 4 copies… so the pathetic piece of shit came back to start another wannabee website….

Generate AI Porn

THIS IS TAYLOR MUTHA FUCKIN RAIN YOU PATHETIC PIECE OF SHIT…., now get this straight before I come down to Pornstar Karaoke and call you out like the bitch you are, you coward.

TODAY I announced my retirement from PERFORMING and so you, like the fucking dope you are, put up a posting saying "a source" claims I’m going to do a tranny on Wednesday….

DO YOU SIMPLY HAVE NOTHING TO WRITE ABOUT? IS YOUR LIFE THAT PATHETIC THAT YOU WANT TO STEAL MY THUNDER, RUIN MY DAY BY POSTING SOMETHING AS ASSININE AS THAT??? YOU FUCKING WHORE!!!! I tell my fans and I tell the world that I’m quitting because I’m ready to settle down and start a family and take the next step in my career which is directing only, and you fuck with me??? You fucking bitch.

My guess….. you have no source, there is no source, because it’s 100% bullshit… you simply wanted to try and take away from my big day… well bend over you talentless fucking leach. Pray to whatever God you worship that you don’t ever run into me or anyone from Defiance.

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