Taylor, I’ve been very fond of your work for years now. I’m a 29 yr/old from South Florida and would like nothing more then to burn a spongy bowl of some home grown kush and bend you over so I could get a closer look and taste of your amazing ass …lol! but I settle for a signed picture of you… Kevin

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Hi Taylor,  Just wanted to let you know I love your new website ! So how is college thus far ? And when are you planning to visit Amsterdam, the Netherlands ? If you do let me know in advance by sending me an email, so I can guide you around our world famous coffee shops where you can buy weed legally and smoke your ass up ! And ofcourse I will buy you some wooden shoes and tulips. Well take care hope to hear from you. PS. I think you have THE nicest body of all the xxx stars and the most pretiest boobs around and your eyes make me melt…. Later & greetings from the Netherlands, Mike (TMFR Replies – I dropped out of school… BORING)

HI Taylor, I am a big fan. I own several of your movies and now that I have found your site I learned that you also have started directing. Congrats.. I will buy the Assylum DVD as soon as I finish this email. Just thought I’d write. Garry (TMFR Writes – Thanks Garry, now why the hell haven’t you ALL bought the DVD yet???)

Taylor, What do you eat to stay "active"? I’ve been trying to eat a little better, but work slows me down, if you know what I mean. My wife is experiencing the same problem, because I eat too much junk. Any advice? (TMFR Replies – I love to eat bananas and apples)

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